YNSFUTURE is an Information and Communication Technologies company.
Healthcare is a key focus area.
Our vision is to make people healthier with technology.
Smart Pill Box
Manage your medication easily
Portable pill box with an alluring design
Medication reminder
Track the data of medication consumption
Digital Identification
Information to be saved on the tag.
Name, Age, Emergency Contact, Blood Type, Allergic reaction, Medication status, Insurance Information, Other Medical history:
Input the information on the NFC tag. At emergency, hospital, home care and any other situation, medical summary can be delivered by scanning with mobile. Can be implemented as HL7 FHIR (Fast Health Interoperable Resources)
LOMY product
Children mostly go missing in amusement parks, markets, exhibitions, and event halls where it is overcrowded. if child who wearing LOMY goes missing, a passerby can place a child with a family. The NFC bracelet can simply be worn by a child to help prevent the risk of becoming lost.
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Touch CALL
Vehicle accessory that is for contacting to the driver through the without exposing phone number.
Messages can be sent or received through the mobile without phone number.
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Other Designs

  • TouchCAll CARD04
  • TouchCAll CARD05
  • TouchCAll CARD06
  • TouchCAll CARD07
  • TouchCAll CARD08
  • TouchCAll CARD09
  • TouchCAll CARD10
  • TouchCAll CARD11
  • TouchCAll CARD12
  • TouchCAll CARD13

Location Based One-Touch Voice Call Device and Management System

GPS tracker with one-touch mobile phone for elderly people or children.
Company Vision
YNSFUTURE is an Information and Communication Technology company.
Healthcare is a key focus area.
with information technology


  • 2015, July – Launched TouchCall service
  • 2015, Jan - Launched myLOMY smart band
  • 2014, Nov - Korea Contents Show the third prize
  • 2014, Mar - Smart product the first prizee
  • 2014, Feb – Certified Korean Venture company
  • 2013, June - Established
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